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    Site Description:[Interlude] Rates 50x 50x 200x | Eventos automaticos | PvP All Time | | AntiBot | Npcs personalizados |Em breve o Melhor Servidor do Brasil! Junte se agora!!
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    La2 Alpha Interlude 50x No custom Information:
    Seja bem vindo a um dos mais novos projetos brasileiro de Lineage 2 Interlude!​

    10/07/2021 - 13:00 BRT -3

    Server rates: 50x
    Farm: Easy
    Enchant: Easy
    Sub-Class free
    Noblesse: Barakiel Quest
    Jewel Bosses for Epic Bosses
    Global GK Free /Catacombs/Toi/Necropolis/Arenas
    Auto loot - Except Epic/Raids Bosses, 5s loot protection
    Clan Hall System auctions
    Max 7 Box /hwid
    AntiZerg system

    Server Commands:
    .menu - Ajuda a configurar seu personagem, como bloquear xp , party , trade , Registrar siege entre outras funcionalidades.
    .deposit / .withdraw - Transformar adena em Gold Bar / Destransformar.

    TvT, CTF, Kill The boss, Fortress, PvPEvent and PartyZone event
    Exclusive custom event map !

    Clans / Alianças
    Max clan members : 40 (without aliances and knigts)
    Clan Penalties disabled
    Clan lvl 8 free

    Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration Free)
    Npc with all buffs
    Free Bookbuff system
    All buffs duration 2h

    Safe + 5
    Max Weapon : +25
    Max Armor e Jewels : + 20
    Enchant Rate Armor:
    Normal = 50%
    Blessed = 70%
    Enchant Rate Weapon:
    Normal = 50%
    Blessed = 70%

    Sem Enchant 100% no servidor .

    High Grade Skill: chance 10%
    TOP Grade Skill: chance 15%
    Drops Top Grade , Tyranossauros

    Period : Month, hero on friday
    Fights Time : 18:00 - 00:00
    Skills reused after every match
    Limite Grade A

    All Castle
    Bonus for Castles
    Duration : 2H
    Period: 15/15 Days

    GM shop
    C-Grade, B-Grade and A-Grade Weapons for Adenas

    S-Grade Weapons for GB
    C-Grade, B-Grade Armors for Adenas

    A-Grade and S-Grade / Recipe for Crafter
    Jewells Grade C/B/A for Adena

    Jewells Grade S / Recipe for crafter

    Epic Bosses / Raids Spawn info
    Spawn info: Npc Boss Manager or by command .menu
    All epic jewel drops 100%

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