• L2 Gaia x5 Interlude ★★★★★!

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    Site Name: L2 Gaia x5 Interlude ★★★★★
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    Site Description:Tired of donations killing this game like most servers? ✅DONATIONS FREE, Baltic family server with international community in mind, everyone's welcome! New Season 2 Gaia x5 - is OPEN NOW!!!
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    L2 Gaia x5 Interlude ★★★★★ Information:
    Lineage 2 Gaia Interlude x4 server opening: 10/03/2021
    L2 Baltic family - Gaia x4 Interlude server DONATION FREE.

    Based in Latvia with international community in mind and, everyone's welcome!
    We are truly DONATION FREE server, unlike most of servers these days killing this game.

    Find us on
    Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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